Mad Hatter

Adaobi Osakwe
1 min readNov 12, 2019

What I need right now is to fall down a rabbit hole.

Take a drink that makes me smaller than the table I was level with. Eat a cake that makes me taller than the average giant and never be the ‘right’ height.

I need to find the mad hatter, that clown-like creature with his wide eyes and excellent hats, rambling like he is losing his mind.

I need to look into his eyes when he asks if he is going mad and tell him that he is, in fact, raving mad, bonkers even but that all the best people are.

I need to climb down that rabbit hole to a world where everybody seems to be expecting me and yet confused about who I am.

Sit beside the red queen and watch her scream “off with his head” and be thoroughly entertained by the white queen’s dance-like walk.

I need to kill that jabber-walker and watch the hatter dance in glee.

I need to take another drink, crawl back out of that hole and find clarity.

I need that clarity but a girl can’t even find a rabbit hole.