What I need right now is to fall down a rabbit hole.

Take a drink that makes me smaller than the table I was level with. Eat a cake that makes me taller than the average giant and never be the ‘right’ height.

I need to find the mad hatter, that clown-like creature with his wide eyes and excellent hats, rambling like he is losing his mind.

I need to look into his eyes when he asks if he is going mad and tell him that he is, in fact, raving mad, bonkers even but that all the best people…

When a mad man is coming down the road, you avert your eyes or put your head down.

You remember all the terrible stories you have heard of mad people over the years. The one that the church teacher once used to illustrate why you should never wear low cut tops. She promised you that she saw it with her two “koro koro” eyes. The mad man had dragged that girl’s breast from her low hanging top and fondled it and then suckled on it and that if she had been “well dressed”, that wouldn’t have been the case.


In this year’s Frontstack event, I talked about From Validation and best practices for handling errors on the Frontend. I felt like I was the best person to give that talk because I work as a Frontend Developer and I have to build a form all the time. I’m not the best at validating my inputs and in fact, I only started taking it more seriously because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. Also, I have never been happy to fill a form. …

This article has been a long time coming. I have been meaning to write this for a while now and somehow, I have been procrastinating but I finally overcame and here it is!

Disclaimer: This article assumes that you have already been working with React Class Components.

With the introduction of React Hooks, React functional components can now do a lot more. We can now access lifecycle methods from React functional components and in a more concise manner.

The example below is written with a class-based approach and just shows a very simple component that displays age from the state…

I am not even sure when Medium switched to using Skeleton Loaders, but they do now. Facebook, Instagram, XendFinance. It is beautiful. It makes your site look like it is loading faster than it actually is and very easy to make. Don’t believe me? Let’s make one!

You can check it out in this codepen.

The first thing you need to decide when making a skeleton loader is what the wireframe of the design should look like. Knowing this helps you decide the height and width and the distance between each block.

The “magic” of the skeleton loaders is the…

Over the past few weeks, the Xend finance team has put out so much information on the whys and hows -

  1. How is Xend Finance different from the other saving platforms?
  2. How is it better?
  3. Why DeFi?
  4. Why Build on the Binance Smart Chain?
  5. How do I get started?

On Dec 15th 2020, they announced the launch of the testnet and with it, a total of 200,000 $XEND tokens offering just for participating.

You can find out how you can win by participating, here. …

I remember one day in Shoprite amidst giggles from other girls and the raucous laughter of men. I was discussing with a love interest. I was telling him that one out of five women in Nigeria has been called an Ashawo at one point in her life.

He shook his head; ‘No’. He insisted that my stats had to be grossly exaggerated.

I told him it had nothing to do with what you were wearing, who you were with or even where you were. Heck! …

Hello, Today, we’ll be talking about conditionals in Javascript.

If you would like to have a better look at the code snippets I’ll be using throughout this tutorial, I have a link to the Github repo here.

When we write javascript code, we always have our code make a decision and then do something based on that decision.

We can have our code change the colour of a text, display a message to a user or self-destruct an application to name a few.

IF conditionals -

The popular kid in the block. If statements are the most common types of…

It has been years but I always go back to that conversation I had with a roommate. The day I realized I didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

It was the day I realized that I think everybody should have an opinion but some people should only share theirs with themselves, in their head, repeatedly, in a manner that proves to everyone just how raving mad they are.

We woke up that morning to what was supposed to be a ‘normal’ conversation about Female Genital Mutilation. I didn’t go to a boarding school and I have been…

I have been writing React for a while now and while it is not a must to use JSX, I find that is is easier. JSX looks a lot like HTML so it was really easy for me to pick up the syntax not to mention it’s other advantages like the fact that it allows me to write my javascript code inside what looks like HTML, is type-safe and most of the errors are caught during compilation.

Since starting my React journey, I have made a few mistakes and had my share of errors and what this article tries to…

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